10 Reasons to Use Black Seed Oil

19 Jul 2022by Health Co
10 Reasons to Use Black Seed Oil - Health Co

 Black Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of Nigella Sativa—a plant that is commonly found across the Mediterranean and in different parts of Asia. These black seeds are also referred to as black caraway, black cumin, black onion seeds, or kalonji. The oil extracted from these seeds has been used for over 2,000 years as a traditional remedy. Archaeologists found traces of it in the tomb of King Tut in Egypt (dating back to more than 3,300 years). The oil of black seed has proven to be effective in treating various ailments. Used alone or in combination with other ingredients in herbal medicine across the world, black seed oil has a universal prevalence for treating many common, lifestyle-related health conditions. Still, not everyone has clarity about the benefits associated with black seed oil. This discussion presents easy-to-understand information about why consuming black seed oil can be a sensible decision to keep away many diseases.

Tracing the Goodness of Black Seed Oil

All the healing and therapeutic properties of black seed oil are due to the high concentration of naturally occurring antioxidants. Found in many plants and everyday food sources, antioxidants are compounds that protect the human body against the damage caused by free radicals. When we are low on antioxidants, free radicals tend to overwhelm, bringing about oxidative stress. This can lead to many illnesses and impact the overall immunity levels of the body. Black seed oil contains an active ingredient, called thymoquinone. A potent antioxidant, it neutralizes the damaging action of free radicals, reducing inflammation apart from providing multiple health benefits, such as better brain health and it also has anti-cancer properties. Our daily food choices can create a deficit of such helpful antioxidants, making us more prone to various diseases. This is why many healthcare practitioners recommend using black seed supplements. Ultra Potent Black Seed Oil by Bulk Superfoods is extracted using the cold pressed method to maintain the purity of black oil, ensuring that the valuable antioxidants are preserved during the packaging process.

The benefits associated with pure black seed oil include:

Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties

Thymohydroquinone, Dithymoquinone, p-Cymen, Carvacrol, 4-Terpineol, t-Anethol, Longifolene Sesquiterpene, Alpha-Pinene, Alpha-hederin, and Thymol are the other active compounds [antioxidants] found in Black Seed Oil. Along with thymoquinone, these compounds are responsible for several therapeutic properties associated with black seed oil. Researchers have supported the use of black seed as an anti-rheumatic remedy and for associated inflammatory diseases due to the significant antioxidant properties of the oil. Black seed oil can inhibit the production of inflamed cells, making black seed oil a potentially safe and safer alternative to conventional drugs used in the treatment and management of rheumatic and rheumatoid conditions.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Black cumin seed oil taken regularly for two months can decrease elevated blood pressure in people with mild hypertension. It is rich in good fatty acids such as linoleic acids and oleic acids. Black seed oil supplements can control the hardening of arteries due to the build-up of unhealthy fats. A genuine black seed supplement can help to normalize blood pressure levels as it is likely to have an anti-hypertensive effect.

Improves Mental Health

Black seed oil has an antianxiety, and it might also reduce depressive symptoms. It improves mood, boosts memory, and also improves brain function, proving rather helpful in elderly patients who can be more susceptible to decreased mental acuity. Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA is one of the most important neurotransmitters that have a calming effect and protective brain functions. Black seed oil can boost GABA levels which can help to reduce the intensity of seizures apart from reducing anxiety.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure Levels

Black seed oil supplements are known to have hypoglycaemic properties. Several research studies have reported that the use of black seed oil helps to regulate blood sugar levels, while also enhancing pancreatic function. Research studies indicate that the daily use of black seed oil for 2 months has a blood pressure-lowering effect in patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension.

Proven Antibacterial Effects

Oil extracted from black seeds has emerged as an effective antibacterial treatment against some strains of bacteria, including those that are typically more resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics. Thymoquinone is a strong anti-fungal agent, effective against all dermatophytes and many types of yeast. Use of black seed supplements can prove handy for people who are suffering from recurring yeast or mould infections that just don’t seem to go away with common medicines.

Helps Fight Obesity

A systematic analysis published in the Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders Journal in 2013 reported that black seed oil could be useful in treating obesity. It is an important source of essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other minerals. Nigella Sativa oil can help to lower triglyceride levels, helping to reduce waist circumference. Consuming black seed oil regularly can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol & triglyceride levels and increase HDL or good cholesterol levels.

Works as Daily Immunity Booster

Thymoquinone (TQ), the principal bioactive compound of black seed oil, can boost immunity levels, helping people fight away common infections that often lead to sick and absent days. Helping to reduce inflammation, black caraway oil is often recommended as an immunostimulant. It also works as an effective antibacterial, antifungal, anti-ulcerative, anti-tumorous, and antipyretic agent. It can reduce the intensity and occurrence of spasms (anti-spasmodic), protect the liver (hepatoprotective), and it is effective against different types of parasites (anti-parasitic).

Supports Good Sleep

Research shows that black seed oil can help to reduce sleep disturbances, helping a person sleep better. Those with insomnia can take one teaspoon of black seed oil by Bulk Superfoods and one teaspoon of honey in warm milk, one hour before they go to bed. The naturally calming effect of black seed further helps to get a good night’s sleep

Useful to Control Asthma, Allergy Symptoms

Oil of black seed has significant anti-spasmodic properties, and it can reduce symptoms associated with asthma and bronchitis. The oil works effectively toward reducing inflammation of the airways. Black seed oil can act like a natural antihistamine which helps to reduce an allergy sufferer's symptoms, reducing symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy sensation, and red eyes. Pure black seed oil offers many dermatological benefits including reducing acne and it can be useful in the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Helps in Management of Diabetes

Nigella sativa is well researched and documented for various medicinal uses, with the oil of Nigella proving beneficial for people diagnosed with diabetes. For diabetics, pure caraway oil can be useful as it can reduce insulin resistance and bring down fasting blood glucose levels. Authentic black seed oil is often used as a health supplement by diabetics as it can help to manage the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Many scientific studies indicate that black seed oil can reduce the BMI (body mass index), helping those with diabetes and obesity.

Concluding Thoughts…

Black seed oil has an immunity boosting and cell repairing effect. It can even be applied to wounds externally to improve healing. The high antioxidant content of black seed oil can be helpful as long as the oil is pure—black seed oil by Bulk Superfoods is potent and natural, extracted from organically grown Nigella Sativa seeds. It contains no artificial additives or alcohol which makes it suitable for consumption as well as for external applications. It can be used as a flavouring ingredient for various dishes and beverages and can be added to curries and soups or sprinkled on bagels, biscuits, or flatbreads. Bulk Super Foods cold pressed black seed oil can be consumed twice a day (up to 5 ml), preferably with meals or as suggested by a healthcare professional.