About us

Catering to Different Wellness Goals

Grooming Trust is Critical
Our team is composed of highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals such as naturopaths, nutritionists, and personal trainers who have been able to identify the gaps in the e-marketplace for health supplements. We provide you with accurate advice catered to your individual needs. You can be assured of honest product disclosures with updated information that drives well-informed buying decisions.

More Choices at One Online Hub
At HealthCo, we continue to build up our inventory, carefully selecting and categorising each product that can help you in your wellness journey. Expect more choices as we add more options to supplements that are suitable for individual needs as varied as everyday vitamin blends to pre- and post-workout supplements to pre- & postnatal nutritional support, fat burners, performance-enhancing testosterone boosters, and probiotics.

A Partner for Every Lifestyle Choice
Envisioned and positioned as a one-stop online shop for all your fitness and health needs, HealthCo strives to offer only authentic, clinically tested, and well-formulated products. To ensure that shoppers like you don’t need to look anywhere else for vegan or vegetarian lifestyle choices, we offer 100% authentic, plant-based products.

Unrelenting Focus on Quality
Understanding that some people prefer products recommended by physicians, HealthCo presents an interesting mix of practitioner products that are often recommended by healthcare specialists and physicians. A careful, quality-focused product procurement policy means that the products are sourced from the top brands only, usually global names in the industry that have been able to meet user expectations across the globe.

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